New music in 2020 from pandemic-proof one-man-band, Reykjavictim. The album is called Nostalgia. Only now I’m rapping about pension contributions and making dinner instead of screaming my admiration for the Chinese space program.

Forged in a work-from-home unfinished basement prison without childcare or air conditioning during the hottest July on record, I’m sure that this frustration is relatable… or maybe you are all having a blast during this pandemic. I don’t really know, I haven’t seen anybody in ages and I currently live in Ottawa.

As the album title implies, I hope that receiving this email stirs some nostalgia. If so, mission partially accomplished. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Short on time? I recommend Ravenous (Track 2), Post Secondary (Track 3) and 2020 Visions (Track 9).

It is available on all the streaming platforms, but since I have the most unspellable band name of all time, here are some links for you:


Apple Music:

You can also download it directly from Bandcamp (free):